Monday, March 12, 2012

Where To Find Cheap Nail Polish

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Whoops, I haven't got round to blogging for ages, I'm back now though. :-)

Today I wanted to talk about the nail polish you can get cheap in the UK if you know where to look.

I'm on a budget as I'm still paying off what I spent on my Masters degree and I'm unemployed, it sucks being skint, but I'm selling stuff on ebay so I can treat myself every now and then.

Now I love seeing all those high end polishes on other peoples blogs, and I'd love to own some one day, but I get my kicks by bargain hunting instead, so instead of £20 for one bottle of Chanel I can get up to twenty bottles instead, just by knowing where to go.

So, where do I go to get my polish fix I hear you ask, well it's a case of finding all the pound (or 99p) shops in your area and checking them out. I have got some great polish from pound shops and it seems most are polishes that are disscountinued. The brands I've found are Me,Me,Me, Rimmel, Maybelline, Revlon and Sally Hansen, Astor, and many more.

It can be a bit of a nightmare finding cheap polish, I found a load of Sally Hansen Lacquer Shines and of course it's now got me chasing after all the different shades, which I only seem to be able to get through ebay, but at least you can get plenty of bargains there too, just make sure that the postage cost isn't too high (I hate it when the postage costs double the price of the polish grrr).

Other places to look for cheap polish are your local market stalls, some are better than others, but it all depends on what you're after. For vintage polish I go to a market stall in small town near me, I've got Sally Hansen and Revlon Chrome polish from there, but I've pretty much much picked them clean now so I'll probably go there when I fancy trying some W7 polish as they sell the whole range. If I'm after cheap but new polish like Saffron and Gallery Colours I'll go to the market stalls in Coventry, as they tend to have a good selection of colours and get new stuff in too, I got my first BYS glitters from one of them so I was happy about that. One word of warning though, go to the pound shops first before the market stalls, I've often found polish that the pound shops are selling at the markets stalls, and the market stalls are always more expensive so it's worth looking around first.

So the last place I bargain hunt is ebay, but it all depends what you call a bargain, I'm collecting Revlons and some Sally Hansens, but the most I'll pay for a polish is £5 and that's including postage, I've found some polishes that I really treasure, I've no idea if they're rare or not and don't really care, I'm just looking for ones I like the look of, so I'll take a chance on the ugly ones or ones I can't find a swatch of in case it turns out to be a gem.

I hope this has helped someone else who's on a budget, although you probably all know about the bargains there are to be had and I'm preaching to the converted!

I'd love to know if you go hunting for polish at pound shops and market stalls, and what your best bargain buy is.

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