Monday, December 10, 2012

China Glaze - It's Alive and Ick-A-Bod-y

I had completely forgotten I'd taken these photos of my Halloween manicure, so now they're a bit belated, but I'm posting them anyway.

I've only got about 10 China Glaze polishes and they're all glitters, I really want the latest glitters, but I've got to wait till after christmas to get them.  Anyway, two of my China Glazes are halloween ones, and this halloween I popped them on my nails and took some snaps.

The polishes I used were It's Alive from the 2011 Haunting collection, and Ick-A-Bod-Y from the Awakening collection from 2010.

I love both of these polishes and I couldn't decide which one should be on my nails for Holloween, my boyfriend said I should use both, so that's what I did, I think they work well together.

I couldn't just have one photo of my holloween manicure so here's some more of that glittery goodness, with a slightly arty background. :-)

 I won't bother describing these two, I think everyone knows them by now, but I will say that if you don't have them, they are worth getting as they're so cool. I'd like more of the China Glaze Holloween polishes, do you have any ideas about which ones I should get next?

So that's my Halloween post done, I wonder if I'll end up doing Christmas polishes in Febuary! :-)

Cheerio for now,


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