Friday, December 07, 2012

Vintage Vault - Revlon Rio Hot

Vintage polish alert! I've got a very cute polish to show you today, and for once I can tell you which collection it was from, and what year. :-)

Say hello to Rio Hot, a super sweet red sheer jelly with microglitter.
Revlon Rio Hot Nail Polish

The vague information that I managed to find is that Rio Hot is from the 2001 summer collection called Revlon Rio Hot. The polishes from this collection include Peach Light, Rio Cool, Pink Light and Rio Hot.

Revlon Rio Hot Nail Polish Swatch
Revlon Rio Hot Nail Polish Swatch
Revlon Rio Hot Nail Polish Swatch
Revlon Rio Hot Nail Polish Swatch

I am not really a girl that reaches for reds or pinks, I'm more of a green, blue, purple, well anything other than red or pink girl, so it's taken me a while to pick this up even though I love how it looks in the bottle. I'm so glad I tried it though as it's one of those polishes that just made me smile, it just looked like strawberry jam on my nails and it's a really cute colour.

I don't own anything else like this, it's a sheerish red jelly with microglitter that's silver, pink, purple and blue. I used three coats and the formula was really nice to work with and it dried to a nice glossy finish.

If you like Rio Hot ebay's your best bet, I've seen it listed a few times and it's usually pretty cheap.

Do you have any polishes from this collection, I'd love to know what Peach Light and Pink Light are like.

Tomorrow I've got Rio Cool to show you, cheerio for now,

Heather. :-)


  1. So glad to find another vintage polish blogger! There's a few of us actually, if you don't know them (and me!) I'd love to introduce you! You're going on my blogrole! I just bought this on a blog sale, it's so juicy! LOVE.

  2. Juicy is the perfect description for Rio Hot, why didn't I think of that. :-) I've been a stalker of blogs like your's and Kaz's for the last year, but I've been a bit shy and not really commented, but introductions are always lovely, I'm glad of the warm welcome and look forward to getting to know everyone. :-)