Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Vintage Vault - Revlon Drama

The best thing about starting a nail polish blog is that it makes me try polishes that I would otherwise overlook, I have a few polishes that just sit there untried, it's not that I don't like the look of them (I wouldn't have bought them otherwise), it's just that there's usually another polish that grabs my attention, I guess I have two types of polish in my collection, the attention seeking ones, and the wallflowers that are just patiently waiting to be noticed, you'll find that a lot of the time the wallflower's are much more interesting than the attention seekers. Well this wallflower has been noticed and will get to have her time in the spotlight. :-)
Revlon Nail Polish Drama

Drama (a pretty old Revlon) is a rich dark plum shimmer, I guess it's what most people would call a vampy shade, which is probably why I've never worn it, I'm not that into vampy shades, but when I do wear one I have to admit I tend to love them, they make me feel all grown up and sensible, not that I'll ever be either! :-)

Anyway, on to the polish....
Revlon Drama Nail Polish Swatch

The colour is a a lovely deep shimmer, but it also has some tiny silver flecks in it which show up when the light catches them, I certainly don't have anyhing else like it in my stash, and if you like it, it's not too hard to find, I got mine from ebay ages ago and it was pretty cheap, I think there's a few around if you want one.

This was three coats, and I still wasn't happy with it, it's a typical Revlon watery formula which normally I can handle, but this kept dragging and leaving bald spots by my cuticles, even with three coats I could still see uneven patches. If I had the patience I'd do four coats and a fast dry top coat, it is a lovely colour so it's worth the effort. 

If you know when this was released and if it was core line or part of a collection I'd love to know, I'm trying to make a list of all the collections that Revlon have done, although when I see how many they release in the US in one year, it's gonna be hard work, but it'll be a great resource for Revlon collectors, so any help will be gratefully received . :-)

I know I've posted alot of Revlons lately, but as they're celebrating their 80th year, I think it's nice to show how awesome they've been. I've got to do some more swatching as I'm running of of stuff to post, so if there's anything in my collection  you want to see let me know and I'll swatch it (click on the My Collection tab above for a nosey).

Cheerio for now,

Heather. :-)


  1. This polish could easy turn me into a complete fan of vampy colours. :-)