Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Maybelline MNY - 170A Gold Glitter

I hope you've all got your Christmas shopping done, I'm being my usual self and I'm leaving some stuff to the last minute, it wouldn't be christmas without a little bit of last minute shopping! I'm dying to go shopping for myself, I have a huge list of polish I want including three Barry M xmas polishes, and some vintage goodies but I'll have to be a good girl and wait till after christmas.

After the complete blingfest of the last two posts I thought I'd calm it down a bit and have something a bit more subtle but still festive.

I picked out 170A, a gold polish by Maybelline, it's from the MNY range and it's a pale gold base with gold glitter mixed in to give a bit of texture and sparkle.

This was three coats with no top coat, it was nice to use and I was pleased that it was opaque after a couple of coats. The colour isn't an in your face gold, mostly it's quite pale with a bit of sparkle, but when the sun chatches the glitter it lights up and shines. 

I'm not sure when Maybelline introduced the MNY line, I think it's been in the UK for maybe two years. It's nice they've got another range of polish that's a bit more bright and funky than the core line, although I guess it's aimed at teenagers and not someone my age, but I think it's a good range and there's some good colours. I got this polish from a charity shop that had a few different ones for about £1.50 and I think that was a steal.

What do you think of the MNY range and does 170A get the thumbs up?

Cheerio for now,

Heather. :-)

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