Sunday, December 09, 2012

November's Nail Polish Haul. :-)

Today we're going to have some bottle spam as I'm feeling lazy, and it's getting hard to do swatches as the light in my house is so bad now it's getting dark really early.

I sold a few old things on ebay last month so I treated myself, my lovely boyfriend got me a couple of things too, isn't he a sweetie. I hadn't got much polish for a few months, so I think I went a little crazy. :-)

Here's pics of my haul, be warned there's a lot!
Revlon Jaded, Nordic Sky & Blush Chrome
Revlon Punk, OPI The Living Daylights, Maybelline Aqua, Purple Rage
Maybelline 669, 447, 170A, 461
Miss Sporty Fiery Blaze, Beetle Wings, Aurora Borealis
Rimmel Royal Blue, Gold Save The Queen, Pearly Queen
OPI Who The Shrek Are You?, Spark De Triomphe, Turquoise Shatter
Sally Hansen Pot O' Gold, Rich Lady, New Penny, Mistletoe
Sally Hansen Sweepstakes, Streamers, Party Hat, Festive
Sally Hansen Magnet, Colorama Flashes of Pink, Flare of Gold, Sally Hansen Ruby Slippers

Sally Hansen 14 Karat, star Sapphire, Emerald City, Hidden Treasure
Barry M Silvery Lilac, Amethyst Glitter, Gold Mine
That was quite a lot of polish! It was all bought on offer in town, or from ebay for nearly next to nothing, I can't bring myself to pay full price for polish when I know there'll be an offer on soon enough, and I love hunting for bargains on ebay. My favorite finds have to be the Revlons, and then the old Sally Hansens, would you believe it that I only paid about £1.50 each for these including shipping, and I absolutely adore them.

The down side was missing out on some gems that I really wanted, but I got burned by an ebay seller, they tried to go back on combined shipping and stopped replying, I'm still sorting it out, stupidly I'm more miffed about missing out on the polish than I am about being messed around.

Did you get any good hauls lately or are you on a no buy to save money for christmas?

Cheerio for now,

Heather. :-)


  1. Holy cow, those metal Rimmel Metal Rushes! AWESOME! I've had Jaded and Nordic Sky on my wish list FOREVER! I must ask, where do you score your vintage gems? I'm sure the SH's were eBay, I was just curious :P PS - LOVE the Lego character placement!

    1. I'll be posting about the Rimmels soon, just need to edit my photos. Would you believe I got Jaded, Nordic Skye and the chrome in the same buy-it-now auction, only cost me about £6 including p&p!
      I get most of my vintage stuff from ebay uk, but also from pound shops which are really good sometimes for old SH's.

  2. PS - was the eBay seller cassiecosmetics?

    1. No it wasn't haven't bought from them yet, are they any good?
      It was a UK ebayer, with one feedback, I missed out on 2 revlons I'd never seen before (including a glitter) and three SH hologems which I really, really wanted!

    2. Oooh, what were the Revlons?

    3. They were Racy, which looked like a deep red with glitter, and Blue Steel, a grey toned blue shimmer, they were both Top Speeds. I really wanted Racy, just because it was a glitter, I do love old glitter polishes. :-)

    4. Haha me too! I'll have to keep an eye out for Racy!

  3. What a great haul! I love your lego figuirines. I need that zombie in my life!

    1. I loved November, hadn't got anything new for ages, so it was great to go a little crazy, it helped that some really cool stuff turned up on ebay as well. :-)
      Glad you like the Lego, I pop them into haul photos cause it makes me laugh, you can probably get the zombie on ebay, he is sooo cool. :-)

  4. I am a new nail polish and art lover and blogger too!! :)) For women's solidarity, we have to connect ;)
    I am desperate cause I ADORE fiery blaze and beetle wings but I can't find a way to buy them from here in Italy! :( :(
    Also, in your pics, I appreciated the amethist glitter and pearly queen a lot. Lucky you!!!
    Anyways, I like your blog a lot, it's nothing too much and I appreciate down to earth, so I'm asking you if you want do join mine, where I show my first nail art attempts looking for advice and sharing.

  5. Fabulous, fabulous haul! I see a lot there that I still need to pick up for myself!